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An email I sent to my friends


There are some thoughts roaming around in my mind about our mental and physical conditions. No doubt we are floating in our own world with smoking, drinking and several other stuff which we should either stop or atleast control upon. It reminds me a good quotation “Body is like our temple, we should take good care of it…”. I know motivation never last, and motivational quotes etc hardly have any great impact on us apart from 1 or 2 days we remember those and then we again become as we are.

The thing for me as of now is not to explain the pros and cons about any good or bad habit, but to make sure that we can act on couple of points which may save us from any severe damage…
First and the least thing about all the below stuff is there should not be any RULE/DISCIPLINE to do anything. When the words like RULE/DISCIPLINE comes, it kills half of our enthu… I know!!!

NOTE: I know that to whomsoever I am sending this, they know me well that I am as lazy as an Laisk Loom … not being bothered to do anything… So, the point is…some writing below is mine… and most of the stuff is copy paste!!! (So what… atleast I spend time for you and did all this…!!! Need appreciation…!!!).

— “Start slow” is the mantra especially for the people like us who always find a reason not to do something or anything about the most important matter… our body. The best example I can put is
— I remember for a month I didn’t gone for jogging because my ipod was not working and my excuse was, without music, what the logic is to go for it at all…?? So, the conclusion is… you need not to be a gizmo freak or be in great attire etc. to do any physical activity. Clothes, accessories are not going to get any benefit, but you will if you do some physical activity.
— Walk as much as you can… start enjoying it!!!
— “Aerobic” exercises like cycling, swimming and running are best for cardiovascular fitness. They strengthen the heart and lungs. Make sure you do atleast one out of these for half an hour daily. It may be easier for you to spend ten minutes in the morning when you first get up, then again at night before you go to bed.
— Games like basketball, tennis and soccer are of great help in terms of stamina etc… Make sure you play any out of these once in a week… (Don’t give shit reasons like you don’t have any club etc near by or you don’t have so much money to do so… You can play basketball or soccer in your society’s lawn etc too… and you don’t require 5-10 people also for the same…)
— Drink that H20! You’ll need lots of water to stay fresh. You should drink water before, during and after any physical activity — even if you don’t feel thirsty.
— Accept the fact that our ancient Indian gift to us… “Yoga” is the best thing exist we can do for us and for the people around us too. Spare atleast two hours a week to practice the same… You can make it on weekends… (I know some people like me are more busy on weekends rather than weekdays, but I think now I need a small change in that sense… Remember… Only fools and naves are too busy for anything!!! Rest depends…)

Some more things we may think of…

— Remember to be realistic about your goals. If you try to reduce the calories, fat, saturated fat, and sugar in your diet AND promise to make a drastic change in your physical activity level, you may be setting yourself up for failure. Instead of trying to make many changes at once, set smaller, more realistic goals for yourself and add a new challenge each week.
— Make healthy choices a habit. This leads to a healthy lifestyle! Make a commitment to eat well, move more, and get support from family and friends. Even better, start eating healthier and being active together!
— Choose snacks that are nutritious and filling. A piece of fresh fruit, cut raw vegetables, or a container of low-fat yogurt are excellent (and portable) choices to tide you over until mealtimes. Take these snacks with you for a healthy alternative to chips, cookies, or candy.
— Take your time! Eat only when you are hungry and enjoy the taste, texture, and smell of your meal as you eat it. Remember, it takes approximately 15 minutes for your stomach to signal your brain that you are full.
— Forgive yourself. If you occasionally make mistakes, don’t give up! Forgive yourself for making that choice and keep working on it. Eat an extra healthy lunch and dinner if you had a high-calorie, high-fat breakfast. Add more physical activity to your day.

So guys… lets get together to celebrate a happy and beautiful life by start implementing small things, in bits and pieces… I will be more than happy if we will start pointing out the things we should do and what we should not do… among ourselves (later we can start nagging unknown people too about what they are eating etc, but first lets gain some strength by implementing any of the above mentioned things, so that in case someone start beating anyone of us, we would have stamina to recover soon…). I will be posting such things as and when I will cross any.

Comments/compliments are more than welcome!!! Cheers and good luck…. 🙂

PS: This my email is not meant for some of the recipients as none of the habit which may cause something bad to health they own… Its just a matter of group, and to let them know what situations we are in and how we are trying to cope up with that!!! But also… I have a something good for them… below…

“He was a good man… He never smoked, drank & had no affairs. When he died, the insurance company refused the claim!!! They said…. He who never lived.. CAN’T DIE!!!”