RIP Muhammad Ali!!! 2

Muhammad Ali (formerly Cassius Clay) trains at his Pennsylvanian mountain retreat in Owigsburg, Pennsylvania, U.S. August 27, 1974 for his fight against George Foreman in Zaire. Action Images / MSI/Files


Lots of people are in games, lots of champions are there today in any sports, but when it comes to a champion with a golden heart, who lives/lived their life for humanity too, fight for a cause too in real life and not in just the ring, Muhammad Ali OR Cassius Clay (Cassius Marcellus Clay , as I know him since my childhood) has made his mark. Not every sports person found a chapter on his name in school textbooks. “The Greatest” knocked out almost everything in his life, be it in the ring, or outside. Be it visiting Iraq during the Gulf War OR be it “U.N. Messenger of Peace” and travelling to Afghanistan. I am not going to elaborate him more here, as everyone has the so called “Internet of the things” to find out the rest, I just wanted to pay my regards! You were really “the greatest”, Cassius Marcellus Clay… we had a chapter on you in our textbook, we have seen a biopic on you, we are witting for you and remembering you, what more you can ask for! RIP!!!

Below are few of his Quotes I captured (***Image courtesy:




Here is a video you can watch the way he was doing boxing (sometimes dancing):