Nov 26

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Change Assistant and environment management hub

Change Assistant, GUID and Environment management hub.

One of the common issues while your agent(s) is/are not able to update the environment information is due to the reason of GUID field. This field you will find in PSOPTIONS table, where a unique key to each environment has been stored. While crawling the instance, agent find this key and update the information accordingly. In case, you have cloned the instance from some other, this field value remains the same. This is though a manual task, but is must if you use change assistant to apply bundle(s)/POC or any fixes. Steps are below.

1. Bring down the web server and application server.
2. Clear the value of PSOPTIONS.GUID field by query:
UPDATE PSOPTIONS set GUID = ‘ ‘ (for Oracle platform).
3. Bring up the application server and web server.
4. When you will reboot the application server, it automatically generates the new GUID field.
5. Check the field by query:

If there is no field value for SHORTNAME and LONGNAME, please go to the below navigation in PIA and update the values.

Main Menu > PeopleTools > Utilities > Administration > PeopleTools Options

Environment Long Name
Environment Short Name

These values are quite important from the point of distinguish between different environments.

Cleaning up the HUB.

Post making the new value of GUID, there might be an issue with viewer.html file. The new environment has unique GUID but the Environment Management Viewer continued to display the database and GUIDs, even the old GUID. So one database would display twice in the list, with the old GUID and also with the ‘new’ GUID. Due to this, while to apply a Change Package; a database in the selection list would appear two times.

This issue is due to the old value still persisting with the HUB, so a HUB cleanup is required.

The HUB cleaning would do as follows (windows platform):

1) Bring down the Hub (web server).
2) Remove the below directories:

PSHOMEwebserv………PSEMHUBenvmetadataPersistant Storage

Also remove directories UNDER data as in


Do not remove the data directory, but everything UNDER that.

3) Remove the below directories:

PSHOMEPSEMAGENTenvmetadataPersistant Storage

Also remove directories UNDER data EXCEPT matchers.xml


4) Remove the below directories:

PSHOMEPSEMVIEWERenvmetadataPersistant Storage

Also remove directories UNDER data


5) Remove the below directories:

Program FilesChange AssistantenvmetadataPersistant Storage
Program FilesChange Assistantenvmetadatascratchpad
Program FilesChange Assistantenvmetadatatransactions

Do not delete the data directory but everything under it

Program FilesChange Assistantenvmetadatadata

Bring up the Hub. Start all agents after cleanup. In ideal case, Peer ids should begin with ‘1’.

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