Dec 16

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Error parsing file envmetadatadatamatchers.xml


Yesterday I was caught up with a strange issue with CA while tried to view the environment info through CA. As soon as I was clicking the VIEW button, the CA was getting closed. After search with the log files of agents, viewer and CA, I noticed one error message in the CA log file…

EMF_CATEGORY – Error parsing file envmetadatadatamatchers.xml.
EMF_CATEGORY – Error parsing file envmetadatadatamatchers.xml.

I got nothing after extensive search what got missed and why this error message is coming up. There is actually no such file which was getting logged in the log file i.e. “envmetadatadatamatchers.xml” if we talk about CA specifically. But what if you can break this file name something like: “envmetadata data matchers.xml”?

Yes, this is where the CA viewer first looks to create the report and this file was missing from PS_HOMEPSEMViewwerenvmetadatadatamatchers.xml. Before start of my CA activity, I did a cleanup of the EMF HUB, Agent and Viewer and accidentally deleted matchers.xml…which should not get delete from any of the directory, neither from Agent’s directory, nor from Viewer directory.

Hope this will be of some help to you sometime…

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  1. Anonymous

    curious to know how you resolved the loss of matchers.xml issue? Can you share?

  2. Alok.Bhardwaj

    I copied it from some other instace…OR you may create a matchers.xml by yourself at the said location.

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