Mar 23

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Candidate Gateway (e-recruitment)

Candidate Gateway which earlier was known as e-recruitment til HRMS 8.8, enables applicants to View information about current job openings in the organization. Applicants can search, save search criteria, save job openings. There are three main functionalities of CW.

Applicants can search for jobs, apply for jobs, and employees can refer applicants.

Applicants can upload their resumes (depends on setup), submit job applications and resumes for specific job openings. Applicants can maintain and update their personal profile information.
There are certain steps needs to be done to setup this module to be accessible for external world (outside your domain). Below are some steps in brief to accomplish the same task in application version HRMS 8.9.

Create a permission list A and include the menus given below in that:


In menu HRS_HRAM, make sure you have given the access of component HRS_CE only and under pages, for all pages:

In HRS_HRS menu, make sure you have given the access the components HRS_APP_SCHJOB and HRS_APP_SEARCHES only and with all the pages under that:

Make a new role B and add permission list A and HCCPRS1100 in that role.

Then create a new user say C, and assign role B to that user.

In ID info of this user, enter the following information:

Operator Alias value: PUBLIC

Now, make 2 app server domains and corresponding to each of them, create 2 web server domains choosing different web profiles (for examples if in one you have chosen DEV, in second, choose PROD).

In one domain, check the bypass signon checkbox in the PIA which you are configuring to setup for external candidate.

Here (arrow), enter the user ID which you have created and its password. After doing this, restart the app and web server domain in which you have done this proceeding with clearing the cache.

Now, in given below URL, enter your server and information which will redirect to Candidate Gateway page only and then test if it is working or not:


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  1. mohammed hussain

    Hi ,
    I’m hussain currently wworking in 9.0 e-Recruiting. i had doen the steps you mentioned till user creation. i don know how to setup external site setup (ie) creating domains as you mentioned in last setup. if have any document related to this pls send me mohammed.hussain6@gmail.com


  2. Anonymous

    Hell Alok,

    I cannot see any screenshots. Can you please send me your document to my mail id sreeni.madineni@gmail.com. I would really appreaciate your help.


  3. Sappi

    Hi AB,

    I am not able to see the screen shots, can you please send me the document and throw some more light about the TAM and candidate gateway implementation. Like how long it might take to implement base functionality and what kind of issues we might have during the process. Please send the info to my email at swapna.chanda@gmail.com


  4. Anonymous

    can this document be emailed to lenaf7@yahoo.com

    I can’t see the screenshots.


  5. Alok.Bhardwaj

    Sincere apologies… you can see the screen shots now.

  6. Anonymous

    Hi ab,

    After following these steps am getting error -You must have cookies enabled in order to sign in to your PeopleSoft application.
    can you help on this


  7. Anonymous

    If posiblw try to share the link on how to create seperate app and web server
    it would be good

    Otherwise this article is great

    Thumbs up

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