Mar 26

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Manage Hire (TAM – WFA integration)

Manage Hire is the integration point between TAM and WFA, the component from where WFA admin starts the addition of records of the interested applicant to the HR database and create a relationship between applicant and the organization (EMP, POE etc…). For Manage Hire to work, Integration Broker should setup on the webserver to pass the messages (sync/async requests) to and from DB.

Below are the couple of steps to accomplish the same.

1) Verify the IB Gateway is setup under PeopleTools >> Integration Broker >> Gateways

2) Go to PeopleTools >> Integration Broker >> Monitor >> Monitor Message >> Channel Status and verify the Channel HR_MNG_HIRES is running.

3) Go to PeopleTools >> Integration Broker >> Node Definitions and verify the Transaction Types are active (under the Transactions tab) for HIRE_REQUEST and POST_HIRE_REQUEST

4) Go to PeopleTools >> Integration Broker >> Monitor >> Monitor Message >> Node Status tab and verify you can ping the node PSFT_HR

5) Go to PeopleTools >> Integration Broker >> Monitor >> Monitor Message >> Domain Status Status tab and verify you can domain is active for your server

At this point the messaging between RS and HR is setup

6) Now go to Recruiting >> Find Applicants – Search for applicants in “Offer Accepted” Status

Next page you would see will be below:

Choose your applicant whom you want to hire.

In the Take Action drop down – Choose “Prepare for Hire” and hit Go

You should see the below page.

a) Choose Start Date as > today’s date
b) Choose Hire Type as “Hire”
c) Hit the “Save & Submit Request to HR”.

The subscription peoplecode sends an email to the Role Query specified in this setup – Setup HRMS >> Product Related >> Workforce Administration >> Hire Notifications

Now go to Workforce Administration >> Personal Information >> Organization Relationship >> Manage Hires
You should see this on Manage Hires Page

Now click on “your applicant” link.
The page displayed is Manage Hire Details

On this page – put in an EMPLID and hit the “Add Person” Button.

This button would launch the “PERSONAL_DATA” (Add Person Component). If you look at the Post Build – the component would know you are coming from Manage Hires and initialize a bunch of controllers. These controllers would make the service call to RS to pull the data into the component buffer.

Once you verify the data and hit the save button >> go back to Manage Hires and for the same applicant and now click on the “Add Job” button.

Now click on the “Add Job” button. This will launch the “Job” components. Look at the Post Build of this component on how it initializes the controllers.

Once you verify the job information and hit save >> the save code will fire POST_HIRE_REQUEST message.

As always, any correction(s)/suggestion(s) are always welcome…

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  1. peoplesoft HRMS

    when i am selecting a referral source type as “Internet”and when navigation to manage hire and to hire the employee by ading person id and add job.i am finally getting a notification saying “data are pused with errors to HR”.Kindly suggest

  2. Alok.Bhardwaj

    This is a very generic error message when on etry to hire a person through “Manage Hire”. A corrupt data would have been entered at any component. Do you get this message if you choose any other referral source type? This also happens when one choose more than one referral source for the applicant. Do let me know your findings. A trace would be of a good start if the above will not help.

  3. Anu Ukkan

    we are on PS 9.0 and we are getting an “Invalid Value Press prompt for a list of Valid Values” error on our post-hire reqeust IB message. This is happening in every one of them. The hire request goes through fine. Any ideas on why we woudl get this error. Please help!

  4. Alok.Bhardwaj

    There can be two things we can consider here.

    1. This message is just coming into the log file and not stopping user to do any transection.
    2. This message is a cause of stop a transection and not a detailed message can be seen.

    For Case 1:

    The feature is working as designed. Below is an extract from people books.

    “The related edit field must be a key or an alternate key in the prompt table. PeopleSoft recommends that the related values in your prompt table need to be unique so that there is a one-to-one mapping to the control values. This prevents the user from receiving a warning and having to access the prompt page to select the proper value.”

    To resolve this issue, the user should select the values by clicking the prompt button or by making the description field values unique.

    For case 2:

    There is a note from Oracle:

    An actual error message in log seen is:

    Error Timestamp Segment Index Error Message Description
    10/29/2010 0 Invalid value — press the prompt button or hyperlink for a list of valid values (15,11)
    10/29/2010 0 Error Changing Value. {Invalid value — press the prompt button or hyperlink for a list of valid values (15,11)}

    What is desired is something similar to:

    Error Timestamp Segment Index Error Message Description
    10/29/2010 0 Invalid value — press the prompt button or hyperlink for a list of valid values (15,11)
    10/29/2010 0 Error Changing Value. {VNDR_ID.VENDOR_STATUS}

    1. Navigate to Integration Broker Monitor, check the detailed error message.

    2. Get the transaction ID, and run the below query to get all the parameters for the error messages,

    Note: replace the with the proper ID.

    3. Look for the error parameters in MESSAGE_PARM by matching the timestamp and segment index.

    Hope this is of some help.

  5. Anonymous

    HI there, I’m not able to see the images posted on the setup for the integration broker, would you be able to call them out on text pls?

    look forward to testing ths out!

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