Mar 30

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Portal Search feature

So ever tried the portal search option to find out something? Content reference? Menu?

This search index has been buit by a delivered AE, PORTAL_INDEX. Navigation of the same is below:

PeopleTools >> Portal >> Build Registry Search Index

To build a search index, go to build search index page using above navigation. Add a run control ID. Select the All Installed Languages box according to your setup. Run the build process. Scheduler starts the Application Engine program named PORTAL_INDEX. Got to Process Monitor link to view the status of the index build process.

Depending on your setup, say in development instance, there are many Menu/content reference additions in a week or so, you may wish to schedule the process using/making any recurrence definition in Scheduler as per requirement (daily, weekly etc…).

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  1. Jitender

    Nice thing to know. Wasnt aware of this PORTAL_INDEX process.

    Can u write something on PORTAL SYNC process as well?

  2. Idontwanttowrite

    I would like to install peoplesoft in my personal comp. Could you please tell how should I go about doing it.
    I came accross the site edelivery.oracle.com providing the files for downloading and installation of peoplesoft.
    But if somebody could guide me on which files are mandatory and can i install only peopletools first ..is the HRMS/CRM package type necessary to be installed.
    And I already have oracle 10g installed on my pc.Should I still download the files related to oracle database from the site.

    Please advise.
    Thanks in advance.

  3. Alok.Bhardwaj


    Wait for my next blog for PS installation…


  4. Anand

    Hello Alok,
    Thanks for such a nice blog.
    We would like to have your comments on below site being developed for peoplesoft developers to help PeopleSoft Community.
    we expect response from you.
    Thanks in advance for your time and comments.

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