Mar 31

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Apply Bundles Manually (Without Change Assistant)

For yes, CA is a great tool to apply bundles, software updates etc., however at times we may need not to use CA to perform this task. Everyone who is aware of bundle stuff, knows where to find the documentation regarding any bundle and how to use the same to apply bundles manually. I am just collecting the task list and I am taking an example of GP Bundles here.

This is a general record sheet for the tasks involved in GP bundles which needs to be applied in instances. This sheet contains tasks and activities involved in one bundle.

— Task: Apply Non Managed MetaData
— Task: Apply Project
— Task: Deploy Files
— Task: Build and Alter
— Task: Reapplying Customizations
— Task: Execute Data Mover script(s)
— Task: Apply GP Packages
— Task: Additional Steps
— Task: Update Package Prerequisites

Apply Non Managed MetaData

Import Tree Definitions etc. According to the requirement, you may cancel the steps if you don’t require for any other language (like Dutch etc…).

Apply Project

Depends if you want to copy from file OR migrate from other instance.

Deploy Files

Below are the locations where files needs to be deployed…

DATA ——- PS_HOMEdata
SQR ——— PS_HOMEsqr
COBOL —— PS_HOMEsrccblbase

Build and Alter

Run Create Tables Script
Run AlterTables Script
Run Create Trigger Script
Run Create View Script
Run Create Index Script

Reapplying Customizations

Depends on setup.

Execute Data Mover script(s)

Additional scripts which have been provided within the bundles.

Apply GP Packages

Depends on country extensions. For some country extensions, there are no non-rule packages. In HR bundles, this steps is not there. For more details of rule and non-rule packages, please refer my other blog “Global Payroll — Rule and Non-Rule packages“.

Additional Steps

Depends per bundle. Some bundles provides additional scripts to clean audit reports, XMLP errors etc…some bundles doesn’t have this step.

Update Package Prerequisites

In the end, CA runs a script “prereqs_i.dms” to update the DB about the prerequisite info. You need to run this script manually. SQL statement in this script is like below:


where XXXXX is your Bundle ID/Update ID. Remember, if you are applying multilingual bundle (for unicode database), then in inset statement, first value precedes with ML, but second value will not. For example, if you are applying Bundle ‘12345’, Delete and insert statement would be like:


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  1. vijaya


    Thanks for that info…. could you please tell me whether we can change the sqr directory path from /%PS_HOME/sqr to our environment specific? If so, where ?


  2. Service Times

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  3. Service Times

    Hi Vijay,

    You need to change the path in psprcs.cfg file. You can give alternate paths. The process will first check in the first default location and if not file not found will search in next.

    Example: psprcs.cfg
    ; Settings for SQR Software
    Print Log=N
    Enhanced HTML=N

    Rakesh Bokinala

  4. vijaya

    Thanks Rakesh for your reply. I’ve understood your point but my question is that, when change assistant deploys sqr files it puts them into /$PS_HOME/sqr directory, we want to change that path and make the CA deploy sqrs into the path we mentioned. Can we do that? Hope i am clear.


  5. Alok.Bhardwaj

    You can open up the upgrade project in Application Designer after the step “copy project”, go to ‘Tools- Miscellaneous Definitions- File Type Codes’ – the Paths for the various File Type Codes are specified there.

    This is outlined in PeopleBooks:

    “Defining the File Type Code”

    Each file reference definition that you create for the project must be associated with a file type code. The file type code stores generic information that is applicable to a group of files within the same target directory.

    Access the file type code definition from Tools, Miscellaneous Definitions, File Type Codes.

    To define the file type code for the file reference definition:

    1. Click New to access the New File Type Code dialog box.
    2. Enter a file type code and click OK.
    The file type code can be up to 30 characters in length. This action opens the File Type Code dialog box.
    3. Enter the Path.
    This notifies Change Assistant where the file belonging to this type code should be deployed. The only supported environment variable at this time is %ps_home%.
    4. Enter a description for the file type code.
    This field is required in order to save the definition. “

    In general, most of the file type codes go to the appropriate subfolders/directories with the PS_HOME directory. Eg. for WINWORD, it would be PS_HOMEWINWORD.

    The default is as follows (based on a project I looked at):

    File Type Code: MAINT %ps_home%maint
    File Type Code: COBOL %ps_home%srccblbase
    File Type Code: CBL_UNIX %ps_home%srccblunix
    File Type Code: CBL_WIN32 %ps_home%srccblwin32
    File Type Code: CBL_MVS %ps_home%srccblmvs
    File Type Code: WINWORD %ps_home%winword
    File Type Code: SCRIPTS %ps_home%scripts
    File Type Code: CLASS %ps_home%class
    File Type Code: DOCUMENTATION %ps_home%documentation
    File Type Code: DATA %ps_home%data

  6. Alok.Bhardwaj

    Just a quick update regarding the deployment of the files… The best way is to deploy those yourself.. it saves a lot of time and you can run the next steps in parallel in CA after marking those steps as complete. Find the files in the change package, and copy them to the correct directories yourself.

  7. vijaya

    Hi Alok,

    Thanks for the help. But when i tried deploying the files using CA after changing the file type code in app designer for SQR, the file type code is getting updated automatically back to default path /%PS_HOME/sqr… i wasn’t able to change the path atleast during deployment. Looks like for sqrs and cobols it wouldn’t accept anyother path.

    We didn’t wanted to do manual deplayment..so was searchign for that option….

    Thanks again!

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