Jan 21

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Folder and content missing on Portal

This is a very common issue when a new page/component get transferred from one instance to another or when someone create a new component. Portal registry index plays a major role in that and that is why sometimes after migration, we find the migrated content is not visible. For the same, below are some steps which needs to be done.

1. Bouncing the webserver and clearing its cache

This is required to get the new or migrated component on the portal. Webserver gets the information of the new object and reflect the same. For the cache, you can also specify the Cache Stale Interval value under PeopleTools > Web Profile > Web Profile Configuration. On the caching tab there is the Cache Stale Interval value. By default this is set to 86,400 seconds or 24 hrs. You will also want to uncheck the caching boxes on this page.

2. Manual solution

If bouncing the webserver is not a feasible solution, below steps can be done.

— Go to the Structure and Contents. PeopleTools > Portal > Structure and Contents.
— Click on appropriate content which is not coming up.
— Change its sequence number from zero to something else.
— Save.
— Go back to the same content again.
— Change its sequence number back to zero.
— Save.
— Signout from the application.
— Clear your browser’s cache.
— Signin again and check.

From Peoplebooks about the Browser Cache settings
Browser cache can be set for either the user or the entire system. There are a few methods that may help, however it is recommended that in a production environment, unless you are using a kiosk situation or users are sharing computers, that you leave the defaults of these cache settings as delivered.

This type of caching is held in browser cache for the time specified or when a forced refresh occurs. By default this is set to 900 minutes. To change this setting, for everyone, do the following:

a) Navigate to PeopleTools->Personalization->Personalization Optionsb) Enter PPTL for the Option Category Levelc) Click the View All link on the gridd) Click the Format tab on the gride) Click the Set Option Default Value link for the METAXP User Optionf) To disable, set the default value to 0g) Signout of the current session, Delete browser cache, and sign back in for the change to take effect.

The app server or web server does not have to be rebooted for this to take.


To set this option for just the user logging on you need to go to the My Personalizations link at the bottom of the Portal menu structure and choose General options. Then set the override value of the Time page held in cache to 0. This does NOT require an app server reboot however you will need to delete your browser cache.

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  1. Jitender

    Will running PORTAL_CSS job solve the purpose?

  2. Alok.Bhardwaj

    It is not advicable to run PORTAL_CSS just like that but to apply the alternate solution(s). Please see below what PeopleBooks says about it…

    The Portal Security Synch process ONLY needs to be run after an upgrade or when migrating security from one database to another. This process does NOT need to be run all the time or be setup as a process to run weekly or monthly. If your database security does not change very often then running this process all the time, is a waste of time.

    NOTE: When running the Portal Security Synchronization there should be no other users in the system. Database tables may be locked during this process. This process will take from a few minutes to a few hours, depending upon the volume of the portal data. The User ID, that invokes this process, must have the security role Portal Administrator, or PeopleSoft Administrator otherwise the process will fail. Some errors might be “Not Authorized…” for the CREFs when you look this information up in the log files of when the Application Engine is run.

  3. Jitender

    But how do we solve des kind of situation in Prod env….where we dont have proper access to structure n content…

  4. Alok.Bhardwaj

    developers need not to get the access to structure and content folder, actually not even the peopletools link apart from the scheduler page. Its an admin task to deal with that…

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