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The current big thing: Database as a Service – DBaaS

In another field of cloud, Oracle has done something big this time, as it reinvent its core product, the database. Its my personal belief, if any organization stick to its core product (along with the new area of developments/products), its not easy for competitors to cross that organization all along. “Stick to the basics” is the key.

I was going through the new offering from Oracle and collected some good facts, which I am sharing here.

As far as any product company understands the need of the time (and IBM is doing a great work in this area), they keep enhancing their core products which add the business value to the customers. Need of the time is, solving, managing and handling big data, making solutions which are not complex to the customers, availability, scalability and under budget. As organizations evolve their products, business models, and processes to keep pace with today’s dynamic global marketplace, a powerful new database offering DBaaS, that’s optimized for cloud computing and Big Data, helping organizations to cut costs through consolidation and simplified management. Oracle Database 12c features (backtracked to too) a new architecture that allows customers to consolidate many databases into a single multitenant container database in the cloud that’s more scalable than traditional databases. And datacentre? No, this will soon be a past word, the way things are going. That is why, its named as database as a service. In layman terms, the database storage and memory is not any more located “on premises”.

Few features which I would like to pin down:

— Simplified provisioning, cloning, and resource prioritization without having to make changes to applications
— Enables businesses to deploy new databases quickly, securely, and cheaply
— Using Oracle Database 12c, cloning of an existing database can be done in minutes
— Automation enables centralized management of all databases

If you would like to try this DBaaS (and I am sure DBA’s would surely like to try this), you can do it without cost. Steps below:

— Open http://apex.oracle.com
— register for a free account
— create an instance, a database schema
— store upto 10 MB or 25 MB of data for free (after 25 MB, things will come with a cost)

Below are the main things to remember for customers, as what I got from Oracle site:

— The maximum possible storage equals 2 TB (2048 GB) for the DB creation process
— After creation, customer can add more storage – up to 4.6 TB with local backups or up to 12TB without local backup
— Without local backups means backups will be send to the Storage Cloud Container
— Customer has the choice to choose between the database versions 11gR2 ( or 12cR1 ( (but 11gR2 is available as Standard edition only)

Two service levels are available:

The Oracle Database Cloud Service – Virtual Image level includes Oracle Database and supporting software. You have to install this software yourself, and you are responsible for all maintenance operations for this software. You have root privilege, so you can load and run software in the compute environment. You have full administrative privileges for the Oracle database.

The Oracle Database Cloud Service level also includes Oracle Database and supporting software. However, the software is installed for you, an Oracle database is created using values you provide when creating the database deployment, and the database is started. Additionally, you can direct Database as a Service to set up automatic backups. Finally, the deployment includes cloud tooling that simplifies backup, recovery, patching and upgrade operations. You have root privilege, so you can load and run software in the compute environment. You have full administrative privileges for the Oracle database. You are responsible for making any changes to the automated maintenance setup, and you are responsible for recovery operations in the event of a failure.

You can watch a video regarding “Top 12 Features of Oracle Database 12c” at below link:

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